What makes the menstruation cup better than any other conventional menstruation hygiene product?

The key benefits of menstruation cups is the enormous liquid intake compared to tampons or other products - it can take more than the double amount of liquid.

You don't need to empty the cup during the day anymore because the capacity is big enough to last for 10-12 hours (depending on how much you normally are bleeding during your period).


Too that, it is 100% impervious and is held in position by your muscles and the natural produced vacuum.



With a menstruation cup, you can do any kind of sports and everything else you would do on a normal day.


The menstruation cup is a long-life product. If you handle it with care, you can use it for the next ten years. This is good for the environment as well as good for you as you save money.


Another important advantage of menstruation cups is that they don't bind liquid, what tampons do. Therefore, your vaginal flora doesn't take any damage or drys out, which prevents vaginal infections.

Compared to sanitary towels, the vaginal secretion doesn't come in contact with oxygen by using a menstruation cup. This prevents the smells every woman experiences during their period.


To this day, there are no registered case of toxic shock syndrome (TSS).