Directions for use

Before first use you should boil the menstrual cup for several minutes. This sterilization is assured.


It is very important to wash your hands prior to insertion.


It is best, of course, the Menocup to switch on the toilet. There you can easily empty then.


The Menocup fold. Especially in the beginning, you should use some lubricant for the insertion. This facilitates the use of very and it feels more comfortable.


The Menocup insert the folded opening up into the vagina so that the small corner also disappears in the vagina. When you release the menstrual cup this unfolds autonomously and automatically adapts to the vaginal wall to. The vaginal muscles and the resulting vacuum then keep the Menocup on the notice.

The correct depth of Menocup may vary, moreover, depending on personal preferences.


If the Menocup first place, then they can be rotated. This allows you to determine if it fits really tight.


When removing the Menocup may they never be pulled out at the corner! Through the resulting vacuum, you could injure the vaginal wall, which would be ultimately very painful helped.

If you move your finger to the side wall of Menocup, you can solve the vacuum by pressing gently on the wall. Also included, the holes serve in the upper edge.

The Menocup then slide by pressing the bottom pelvic muscles slow down and then can be supportive pulled tip to the Menocup ultimately remove.

The liquid contained can then be disposed of directly into the toilet and Menocup be equal cleaned.


In the event that this one should not be possible, for example, on a public toilet, there is in us a special silicone cup to each menstrual cup for free! This fits the Menocup perfectly into it, it closes completely airtight and fits in almost any purse inside.

Therefore, we recommend that you at this point our, also in the online shop available, "Double Pack". This includes 2 Menocup´s, a silicone cup and a nice satin bag! The Double Pack has a significant price advantage over the individual purchase of the products.

You can have a Menocup used and another, well packed in the cup, in a handbag. In a public restroom, you could so the used Menocup. Insert into the cup and a fresh again!


Should the Menocup have to switch to a public restroom, please never wash with cold water and then reintroduce it!

The risk of infection would therefore considerably larger!