If we do something, we always do it properly!

Our company is specialised in the sale of menstruation cups. Every day, we give our best in production, sale as well as the satisfaction of our customers, so that you can feel great during the days of your period.


Our company was founded in 2015.

The products are produced in China. For this we have good reasons, which we'll explain in the following:


China is a very experienced producers of medical silicon. After many years of experience, they have the necessary know-how to produce top-quality goods in an efficient and quick way.

Asia produces far more menstruation cups than Europe, Afrika or the USA. This is why there's no reason to say that China only fabricates cheap copies.


Therefore, with menstruation cups it is the other way round:

Quality made in China and expensive, european copies.


The nice side-effect: You benefit from our cheap manufacturing costs as we are one of the cheapest suppliers of menstruation cups. This is the result of short and direct sales channels without expensive intermediaries. We purchase products directly from the factory, where they are produced in the way we want them to be.


Our products are certified. This guarantees international validity in medical quality. For this reason we can say that there are no dioxins or DPAs neither dangerous softeners in the products we sell.

We use medical silicon, which makes high-value products. We think, medical plastic isn't an appropriate material for menstruation cups. It only is cheaper and many companies sell the plastic ones. Our silicon is soft as well as stable with consistent shape.