Menocup - THE Menstruationcup

The easiest way to feel good during your period...

Menocup is a mentruationcup. It basically works like a tampon, but the menocup sits deeper in the abdomen. Because it lasts far longer than a tampon, it is more economical as well as ecologically friendly. It can be used for over 10 years.


The product consists of medical silicon without any DPA/dioxin. We have several cetrificates of our product qualities.


Menstruationcup is available in two different sizes: S and L. The smaller size S is for women who haven’t gave birth to children yet. The size L is for women who already delivered children.




Size L: length 3,03 inch - diameter 1,9 inch

Size S: length 2,8 inch - diameter 1,7 inch


The bigger menstruation cup has a capacity of approx. 25 ml, whereas the smaller one can contain approx. 20 ml in total.


To feel really good in your period....

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